Welcome at La Donzelenche

summer on la donzelenche






Ever since the 14th century, ‘Las Donzelesches’ has been a landmark in the fascinating scenery of the Cevennes, characterized by  terraces, walls, chestnut trees and crystal clear sparkling waters. 

This magnificent fortified 'mas' consists of several buildings erected in the typical style of the region with slate and granite. With its archways, alleys, cellars and courtyards it is a small world in itself, surrounded by terraces with fruit and chestnut trees, sheltered fields and meadows with sheep and goats. After centuries of bristling life, alternating with periods of silence and idleness, La Donzelenche, age-old but not worn-out, has now been restored  to its old glory.

It is the ideal spot for a wonderful holiday, a place to find peace of mind and inspiration.